Crawling Aid – Pilot

The Krabat Pilot is a unique and innovative crawling aid for young children.

Its patented ergonomic design provides the required active assistance to the child to lift their hips to enable them to crawl – something which most traditional crawling aids failed to do.

This is a high value, highly specified wheelchair which requires a seating assessment.
Please contact us directly to book an assessment.


The Krabat Pilot provides dynamic lift assistance, which constantly changes as the child moves. When a child receives this help in lifting their hips, it is easier for them to place their knees under their body, allowing them to crawl.

Features include:

  • Removable and washable cushion
  • Easily adjustable straps for correct positioning
  • Adjustable springs to control extent of assistance given to child in raising their pelvis

An accompanying Krabat Co-Pilot system of knee pads can also provide the child with sufficient friction on the surface, and adjustable elastic bands that alternate movements between their legs and guide them into the correct crawling position.

The Krabat Pilot will help get your little one moving and exploring the world around them.

Momentum Healthcare are exclusive distributors in Ireland for the Krabat Pilot and all other Krabat mobility devices.


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Crawling Aid - Pilot Momentum Healthcare

  • INNER WIDTH (A): 30 cm
  • WIDTH OF BOARD (B): 25 cm
  • LENGTH OF BOARD (C): 21 – 28 cm
  • TOTAL WIDTH (D): 39 cm
  • HEIGHT (E): 15 – 21 cm
  • TOTAL LENGTH (F): 31 cm
  • WEIGHT: 1.9 kg
  • FOR USE: Children from approx. 9 months
  • MAX WEIGHT OF USER: 25 kg (4 st.)

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