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Momentum Healthcare have two unique products to offer for the purposes of rehabilitation. The Krabat Pirat swimming aid and the Armon range of arm supports.

The Armon range of arm supports are especially designed for those who only have limited strength in their arms and hands, or for those that can only use their muscular strength for a limited time. The range comes with several models and options from manual operation to a powered option. This device enables the use to feed independently where this may not have been possible previously. This is also an ideal device to enable a person to partake in the things they enjoy like painting, writing, and reading.

The Krabat Pirat is an amazing device that can be used for fun, water therapy and water rehab. Krabat Pirat is a floating aid that gives the child new opportunities to be independent in the water. The child is safely secured on a padded board with a pair of trousers and an optional back strap. The child is placed in a safe and engaging position on their stomach which allows the child to be active.

The product can help the child to strengthen their neck and back muscles, improve upper and lower limb mobility and increase stability of the trunk. All while enjoying all the benefits of the water.

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