Therapy Chair – Jockey

The Krabat Jockey is an active children’s therapy chair which provides many physiological benefits by seating the child in a saddle position.

The spread position for the lower part of the body and the feet provides stability for the pelvis, reducing the need for upper body support. While a child should have some upper body stability to fully benefit from the chair, an independent sitting function is not necessary.

This is a high value, highly specified wheelchair which requires a seating assessment.
Please contact us directly to book an assessment.


Krabat Jockey therapy chair key features include:

  • Easily height-adjustable, via push-button mechanism
  • Extremely lightweight and foldable, for easy transportation
  • Seat and back can accommodate a SWASH orthosis, for children who require this

The Krabat Jockey is available in two sizes, making it suitable for all users in the age range of approximately 2 years to 14 years. The saddle seat is detachable, so a larger seat can easily be fitted as the child grows.

A hip belt and footrests with straps are included as standard accessories. A chest harness, waistcoats, footrest-in-one, ankle cuffs, and a table and bag are available as optional equipment. Other optional extras include electric elevation and lowering mechanisms.

The Krabat Jockey is children’s therapy device designed for activities and social participation, so that each young user can enjoy life to the max.

Momentum Healthcare are exclusive distributors in Ireland for the Krabat Jockey and all other Krabat mobility devices.


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Therapy Chair - Jockey Momentum Healthcare
[lightbox id=”dimensions” width=”840px”]Therapy Chair - Jockey Momentum Healthcare[/lightbox]

  • MAX DEPTH OF SEAT (A): 26 cm / 31 cm
  • ANGLE OF BACKREST (B): -10° to -40° / -20° to -40°
  • ANGLE OF SEAT (C): -20° to +20°
  • DISTANCE FROM SEAT TO FOOTREST (D): 15 cm – 40 cm / 25 cm – 50 cm
  • HEIGHT OF SEAT (E): 39 cm – 79 cm / 40 cm – 80 cm
  • TOTAL LENGHT IN USE & FOLDED (F): 68 cm & 65 cm / 98 cm & 83 cm
  • TOTAL HEIGHT IN USE & FOLDED (G): 112 cm & 63 cm / 121 cm & 72 cm
  • TOTAL WIDTH IN USE & FOLDED (H): 63 cm & 63 cm / 66 cm & 66 cm
  • WIDTH OF BACKREST (I): 25 cm / 32 cm
  • HEIGHT OF BACKREST (J): 35 cm or 38 cm / 40 cm or 43 cm
  • WEIGHT, MANUAL: 12.2 kg / 15.0 kg
  • WEIGHT, ELECTRIC: 13.9 kg / 16.7 kg
  • SUITABLE FOR AGE: Approx 2 – 7 years / approx 7 – 14 years
  • MAX WEIGHT OF USER: 65 kg (manual) / 50 kg (electric)


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