Sorg Loop Wheelchair



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The Sorg Loop is a new innovation as it introduces the world’s first growing seat shell-base, that can be quickly and easily adapted to the changing needs of its users in terms of size, therapy, and symptoms.

It is designed specifically to accommodate customised seating that changes as those needs change, and is suitable for use by children, teenagers, and adults alike.

This product requires customised fitting. Please contact us below.


Sorg Loop wheelchair key features include:

  • Available in three different sizes, accommodating seat widths from 30 cm to 50 cm
  • All sizes fully growable in three dimensions as the user grows
  • Ultra-light drum brake wheels, and ‘outdoor’ front end, making it easier to tackle rough terrain

With universal seat adaptors and a huge range of other options too, the Sorg Loop can be equipped to exactly meet the individual needs of each individual user.

Momentum Healthcare are exclusive distributors in Ireland for the Sorg Loop and all other Sorg wheelchairs.

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  • SEAT WIDTH: 30 cm – 50 cm
  • SEAT DEPTH: 32 cm – 48 cm
  • BACK HEIGHT: 35 cm – 50 cm
  • WHEEL SIZE: 20” – 24”
  • Rigid aluminium frame with 10 cm abduction
  • 3 sizes, each frame width +2/+4 cm growable
  • Optionally tiltable from -5° up to +35° or from +2.5 up to +40°
  • Back angle adjustable from 90°-120° and foldable to the front
  • Back part extendable by 6 cm backwards, seat wedge adjustable in depth by 5 cm
  • Standard-, 12”- or profile wheels (with integrated handrims) with drum brakes and quick-release axles, with pneumatic or flat-free tyres
  • Caster wheels with aluminium forks in many different versions
  • Closed frame
  • Universal adapter for seat shells
  • Second gas pressure spring for high load
  • Leg support with undivided o divided foot plates
  • Leg support turnable outwards and removable and/or swivelling
  • Multi-directional leg support, adjustable in all directions
  • Lightweight wheels with drum brake, weight reduction of approx. 1.1 kg compared to standard drum brake wheels
  • Different single-hand controls
  • More than 250 spoke cover designs
  • Outdoor-Front-End and much more

** Our Specialist will guide you the order form and together we will decide that is the best product for you.

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Frame colours with moderate metallic effect

Frame colours matt

Frame colours dormant

Frame colours with strong metallic effect

Other Frame colours

Anodized Colours
In order to give your wheelchair a special look, just make use of the option “anodize design package” on your order form. Chosen parts are then anodized in your chosen colour.

Design your wheelchair
With the individual colour design of the cushions, covers and truss pads, you can give your wheelchair your own personal style.

Breathable Betex fabric for seat and back cushions as well as light weight head rests.
Seat and back cushions as well as our light weight head rests are available in these colours. It is your choice.

Nylon fabric for seat and back covers
The covers of our wheelchairs as well as the back and bottom side of the cushions are made from nylon fabric.

Synthetic leather for our standing devices
For the truss pads of our standing devices, you can currently choose between these synthetic leather covers. In combination with your chosen frame color, you easily choose your desired design

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