Mobile Standing Device – Sorg Boogie


HSE Staff – please contact us directly for the Tender Awarded price on this product.  The above price is our retail price.


The first fully growable mobile standing device for all ages.

It is expertly engineered to support the therapeutic concept of mobility in an upright pose. By providing support according to the three-point-method, even inactive muscles are activated, strained and stimulated.

This is a highly specialised product which requires custom fitting. Please contact us to arrange an assessment.


Why stand still, if you can wheel around doing your standing therapy?

  • Social interaction, cognitive, motor and emotional development.
  • Controlled strain on the bones and stimulation of all muscles.
  • Benefits for the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, breathing and digestion also stimulated.

The Sorg Boogie helps users to learn side regulation, balance control, and reflex control, and as a result, helps build a controllable muscle tone. Its benefits are many and long-lasting.

Momentum Healthcare are exclusive distributors in Ireland for the Sorg Boogie and all other Sorg products.

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  • Weight capacity: Max 75 kg
  • Max user height: c170 cm
  • Frame width: 36 / 40/ 44 / 48 cm (each growable by +4cm)
  • Wheel size: 24”, 26”, 28”, 30”, 32”, 36”, 40”
  • Camber: 0°, 3°, 6°, 9°, 12°
  • Centre column tilt: Max. 15°
  • Aluminium frame with screwed-on crossbars, growable by up to +4 cm in width without extra parts
  • Centre column tilt setting adjustment of 0° to +15°
  • Profile wheels with built-in hand rims, drum brakes, and puncture proof tyres (N.B. not included in base price)
  • Adjustable camber
  • Sprung casters in back with locking lever, height adjustable
  • One or two casters in front
  • Chest truss pads
  • Pluggable posterior truss pad, adjustable in height and depth
  • standard knee truss pads with kneecap cut-out, adjustable in three dimensions, individually abductable
  • Aluminium foot plate, adjustable 3-dimensional, individually abductable
  • Many different coating options
  • Tilting adjustment with gas pressure spring (tilting adjustment also possible with user)
  • 3D-foot plate, individually abductable, individually turnable, individual setting of the tilting angle
  • Side chest truss pad with belt, 3-dimensional setting
  • Side pelvis truss pad with belt, 3-dimensional setting
  • Posterior truss pad with swivel bracket and crank, 3-dimensional setting
  • Knee truss pad with resting brackets, 3-dimensional setting and abductable
  • Silicone hand rim covers
  • Ergonomic hand rim covers (13mm wide, filling between the tyre and the hand rim)
  • Foot shells with belts
  • Therapy tables in various sizes
  • Toy box made of plexiglass
  • Spoke guard
  • Additional holder for the hand brake lever on the centre column
  • Equipped with clamp lever instead of setscrew

** Our Specialist will guide you through the order form if we decide that this is the best product for you.

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Frame colours with moderate metallic effect

Frame colours matt

Frame colours dormant

Frame colours with strong metallic effect

Other Frame colours

Anodized Colours
In order to give your wheelchair a special look, just make use of the option “anodize design package” on your order form. Chosen parts are then anodized in your chosen colour.

Design your wheelchair
With the individual colour design of the cushions, covers and truss pads, you can give your wheelchair your own personal style.

Breathable Betex fabric for seat and back cushions as well as light weight head rests.
Seat and back cushions as well as our light weight head rests are available in these colours. It is your choice.

Nylon fabric for seat and back covers
The covers of our wheelchairs as well as the back and bottom side of the cushions are made from nylon fabric.

Synthetic leather for our standing devices
For the truss pads of our standing devices, you can currently choose between these synthetic leather covers. In combination with your chosen frame color, you easily choose your desired design

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