Krabat Mobility Aids

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Krabat mobility devices are designed for children to help them move on both land or water, and manufactured using cutting-edge innovative technology. From the Krabat Pilot crawling aid for infants, through the Krabat Pirat for young swimmers and the active Krabat Sheriff and Krabat Jockey children’s wheelchairs, you are guaranteed a device that will encourage and facilitate activity, allowing the young user to fully enjoy the world around them.

Krabat was founded in Norway in 2006 by a father frustrated at the lack of aids available for his cerebral palsy son, and so all products in the Krabat range have been developed from a parent’s own desire for what is best for their child. They are also designed with the parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, friends, and carers of the child in mind, as all are easy to operate and adjust, by even inexperienced care-givers and guardians.

Momentum Healthcare are exclusive distributors in Ireland of Krabat mobility devices for children and are therefore uniquely placed to deliver their benefits to your family. For more on Krabat mobility devices, browse our range of models, or contact us today.