Ride Designs Ride Corbac Back


The Ride Designs Ride Corbac is a wheelchair back support that is expertly designed to improve the user’s postural control and alignment. It can be easily adjusted for users of any age or size, to deliver a feeling of ‘fitting in’ to their wheelchair, rather than just sitting on it. This helps to promote stability and freedom of movement.

The Ride Designs Ride Corbac back support achieves maximum effectiveness when used in conjunction with a Ride Forward Cushion or Ride Java Cushion. Together, the back support and cushion provide control, comfort, and protection.

This product requires a personal assessment – please contact us to book.


Benefits of the Ride Designs Ride Corbac back support include:

  • Fits the chair easily: A simple and quick mounting system means it takes only seconds to attach the back support to a wheelchair, without decreasing the chair’s depth or width. There are no nuts, screws, or other hardware to contend with.
  • Fits the user accurately: A series of adjustment straps can easily be tightened or loosed as required, to fit to the user’s exact contours. The fit can then be refined even further by using the thoracolumbar-pelvic (TLP) supports. TLP supports provide precise adjustment of posterior and lateral contours.
  • Reduces build-up of moisture of heat: Air circulation is promoted and moisture is directed away from the back surface by a clever spacer fabric cover.
  • Easy to clean: It is easy to remove the cover overlay for washing and/or sanitising as required.

Momentum Healthcare are exclusive distributors in Ireland for the Ride Designs Ride Corbac back support and all other Ride Designs products.


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12” (30cm), 14” (36cm), 15” (38cm), 16” (41cm), 17” (43cm), 18” (46cm), 19-20” (48-51cm)

Regular size: 12-20” (31-51cm)
Tall size: 16” (41cm), 18” (46cm), 20” (51cm)

Including hardware: 0.9 – 2.7 lbs (0.4 – 1.2kg), depending on size

Weight Capacity
250 lbs (113kg)


Seat Depth Range of Adjustment

Standard Accessories

  • Spacer mesh overlay
  • Adjustable mount
  • Mounting clamp kit
  • Thoraco-Lumbar-Pelvic (TLP) supports (2)
  • Owner’s Handbook

Also available

  • Additional Corbac clamp kit
  • Replacement spacer mesh overlay
  • Replacement Adjustable mount


** Our Specialist will guide you through the order form if we decide that this is the best product for you.

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