GTM Endeavour rigid frame Wheelchair



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The GTM Endeavour is one of GTM’s lightest wheelchairs and is ideal for active users with special demands.

In common with all wheelchair models from the world-leading GTM brand, it is fully customisable to meet the specific needs of all users.

This is a high value, highly specified wheelchair which requires a seating assessment.
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GTM Endeavour Rigid Frame Lightweight Wheelchair :

  • Rigid open frame and centre of gravity combining to make it GTM’s lightest chair – delivering ultimate manoeuvrability and portability
  • Carbon fibre sideguards and rear wheel spokes – adding lightness and ease of use
  • Frame made from aviation quality 7020 aluminium alloy – expert engineering to bring massive mobility benefits to you

The GTM Endeavour is guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding user, thanks to its many customisable elements to suit specific needs and personal tastes. It is the wheelchair of choice for discerning active users.

Momentum Healthcare are exclusive distributors in Ireland for the GTM Endeavour and all other GTM wheelchairs.

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  • FRAME: Open, made of high quality 7020 aviation aluminium alloy
  • BACKREST: Rigid or folding and locked by a “lock-down” system / height adjustable 5 cm
  • SEAT: Straight or ergo seat, profiled to reduce the risk of bedsores and ensure proper seating position
  • REAR WHEELS: Choice of size: 24” or 26”, and choice of angle: 0°, 2°, 3°, 5°
  • DIMENSIONS: Completely customised according to user’s needs
  • FOOTREST: Aluminium with high adjustment
  • REAR WHEELS: Radial spokes
  • HANDRIMS: Aluminium
  • TYRES: Schwalbe RIGHT RUN, grey or blue
  • BRAKES: Standard “push lock” / scissor
  • AXLES: Ø 12mm
  • CASTERS: Plastic black with grey tyre / aluminium, silver with black tyre / size 4
  • SEAT UPHOLSTERY: Adjustable velcro belts, breathable cushion, choice of black / red
  • BACKREST UPHOLSTERY: Adjustable velcro belts, breathable cover material, choice of black / red
  • SIDEGUARDS: Carbon fibre, removable / rigid, straight / with fender
  • FORKS: Two sided, lightened, with three holes
  • FRAME COLOUR: Choice of white, yellow, orange, red, cerise, light blue, navy blue, light green, dark green, silver, old silver, graphite, black, black matt, unpolished
  • SEAT: Rigid, aluminium or carbon plate
  • BACKREST: Anatomical, ergonomic
  • FOOTREST: Titanic / plastic / carbon platform
  • REAR WHEELS: SPINERGY, TENSIO, sports crossed spokes, off-road / 26” SPINERGY, sports crossed spokes
  • HANDRIMS: Stainless steel, titanium, covered with rubber or silicone
  • TYRES: Schwalbe RIGHT RUN, blue, red, yellow / Schwalbe Marathon Plus, black
  • AXLES: Ø 12,7mm / with ear handle for tetraplegics, Ø 12mm / 12,7mm
  • SPOKESGUARDS: Transparent with GTM logo / with client’s picture
  • CASTERS: Plastic 5” / aluminium 5” / aluminium with sealed bearings 4″ and 5″
  • SEAT UPHOLSTERY: 3 and 5 cm extending belt. Cushion: leather / alcantara
  • BACKREST UPHOLSTERY: Leather / alcantara
  • FRAME COVERS: For front tubes, calfs belt, backrest handle
  • PUSH HANDLES: In backrest’s handle / in backrest’s pipes, rigid or height adjustable / screwed to backrest’s pipes / plastic folding
  • SIDEGUARDS: Folding with backrest, sliding pull up / aluminium / arm rests
  • FORKS: One sided, lightened with three holes
  • SUPPORTS: Headrest, 1 or 2 sided support, stabilizing wedge, stabilizing belts
  • FRAME COLOUR: All RAL colors, polished frame
  • COLOUR ANODISED PARTS: Backrest folding mechanism plates, casters, plugs, clamps

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