Apex – Carbon fibre rigid frame




Enhance your life with every single push in the new APEX:

* Cutting-edge carbon fibre technology.
* Ultralight design of unrivalled strength and durability.
* Superior fatigue resistance.
* Extreme temperature tolerances.
* Vibration dampening.

Carbon fibre is one of the strongest yet lightest materials on earth. The ultimate wheelchair material, with a transport weight of just 9.2 lbs*., (4.2 kg).

This is a high value, highly specified wheelchair which requires a seating assessment.
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The lightest manual carbon fibre wheelchair in its class.

With a transport weight of just 9.2 lbs.* (4.2 kg), the APEX obliterates every preconceived idea about rigid wheelchairs. It’s fully configurable wheelchair that meets the needs all your needs and performs like a carbon fibre purebred.

Head-turning design

Check out the design and construction details on the APEX lightweight wheelchair. Or, examine its innovative components and accessories, such as the integrated impact guard and rigidizing system.
In a word…revolutionary.

Welcome to a new era in ultra lightweight rigid wheelchair design and performance.

Shed the weight. Up the performance.

Available in carbon or aluminum frame, the APEX cantilever design is constructed using the industry’s most advanced materials. Plus, the APEX represents not just low frame weight. It’s also the lightest configured adjustable chair in the industry. A fully configured APEX Carbon weighs just 15.5 lbs. (7 kg).

Nimble and responsive.

Flex where and when you want it, and no sacrifice in stability for gains in comfort and ease of transport. The unique rear rigidizing bar on the APEX optimizes ride performance. By increasing rear-frame rigidity, we’ve achieved an open design concept that increases lateral stability.

Sleek styling

Inspired by modern design and aesthetics, the head-turning lines on the APEX wheelchair prove once again that form should follow function. We invite you to linger on the APEX’s gentle curves and bold styling. Every design detail delights the eye and excites the senses.

Virtually any width

Virtually any height

Including hardware: Varies depending on back size, options, and hardware selected

Weight Capacity
250 lbs (113kg)

Infinite, when mounted with single FlexLoc hardware option

Seat Depth Range of Adjustment
Up to and potentially beyond 10.5” (26.7cm) depending on hardware configuration chosen

(Materials Used)
Insert material: Brock® Composite material, additional padding options available; Shell material: Polypropylene plastic with styrene inner shell

Outer Cover Construction
(Outer surface that contacts skin)
Breathable polyester spacer fabric

Standard Accessories -Ride Custom Back

Outer Cover (1)
Owner’s Handbook (1)

Standard Accessories – Ride Custom Back for Commode

Outer Cover (1)
Owner’s Handbook (1)

Additional Accessories

Universal Headrest Mounting Plate
Integrated Headrest/Accessories Mount (1)
Shoulder Harness Guides (pair, loose)
Shoulder Harness Guides (pair, installed)
Privacy Flap
Abdominal Support Panel
Extra Outer Cover
Growth Kit

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