IKAN Brace


The iKan is a rehabilitation / therapy device and can be used to learn standing, walking and various physiotherapy exercises. It has degree dials on the hips, knees and ankles which can be set at flexion and extension angles. Settings available for standing, walking or sitting. Forward or backward facing handles.



‘i’ is for independent.
‘i’ is for inclusion.
‘i’ is for improvement.

Momentum Healthcare offers the iKAN brace for children who find it difficult to stand and/or walk due to various medical reasons. iKAN braces have helped many children throughout the world, giving them the opportunity of an inclusive lifestyle and putting a smile on their faces.

The iKAN brace is a rehabilitation therapy device for children. Our braces are designed and manufactured to aid medical professionals who treat children below the age of 12 that find it difficult to walk or stand on their own. IKAN have worked closely with healthcare experts to create a product that meets the needs of their patients – aids that are adjustable, available for a wide user age, have tamper-proof degree locks and removable handles for ease with sitting, using with walkers or track hoists.

The iKAN brace is like no other, it offers children a new outlook on life.

The iKAN brace is available in two sizes for children of average height and weight from 4 years old and above.
It is multi adjustable in height, width, and at the feet.
Removable handles for when sitting or using walkers or hoists.

2 Year warranty.
Available in black only.
Detachable top brace.

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