Mobility scooters are the perfect solution to getting around when it is difficult to walk. They allow users to easily get outdoors, do the shopping and visit loved ones without being faced by the limitations of being immobile. Mobility scooters can last up to five years or more so it is important to take time in maintaining them, as well as to ensure safety when using the scooter outdoors.

Storing Your Mobility Scooter

An important way to maintain your mobility scooter is to keep the scooter stored in a dry and safe place inside when you are not using it. You should not keep your scooter stored outside during cold weather, even if it has a cover, as the battery can get damaged and will have to be replaced. There may also be other technical issues if you leave your mobility scooter in a wet or damp place, as well as it being more likely that the scooter will rust.  Make sure you properly dry your mobility scooter when returning it to storage if you have been using it in the rain. It is also a great idea to cover your mobility scooter to stop dust and grit from getting inside moving parts.


Regular cleaning is another important aspect of scooter maintenance. Over time, debris can build up and get into important parts of the scooter, such as the brake pads, which is why you should use a cloth for cleaning and dusting. Mobility scooters can get dirty very easily, so cleaning your mobility scooter with a disinfectant is an effective way to help fight off germs. 

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Mobility Scooter Battery

Mobility scooter batteries need to be charged after every use to keep them running efficiently. Charging the batteries overnight after each use is the best way to maintain your mobility scooter. Charging time depends on the make and size of your scooter but you should aim to have the scooter battery on charge for 8 to 10 hours. Be sure to check the required charging time for your specific scooter to ensure optimum battery health. The health of mobility scooter batteries can be damaged if they are taken off charge before they have reached full capacity. Many people keep their mobility scooter close to a plug socket to allow for easy charging but the battery can also be removed if there is not a safe, dry place for the scooter to charge.


Tyres are one of the most important parts of your mobility scooter to keep an eye on. Some mobility scooter tyres may get punctures and tear from use so make sure you check your scooter tyres carefully, on a regular basis. There are 2 main types of mobility scooter tyres, pneumatic tyres and solid tyres. Pneumatic tyres are most like the tyres we get on our cars, they are perfect for use on tarmac and make for a much smoother ride. However, pneumatic tyres can puncture so it is highly important that you check these tyres regularly. Solid tyres, on the other hand, are made of rubber and are better for use on gravel and uneven surfaces as they are less likely to puncture. Solid tyres may provide less of a smooth ride than pneumatic tyres but they are easier to maintain. No matter what tyres your mobility scooter has if you spot a defect you must get them checked.


Servicing is a vital part of mobility scooter maintenance. Mobility scooters should be serviced every one to two years to keep them in the best possible condition. A service will check that the tyres, brakes, lights, motor and any other moving parts are working properly to ensure a safe ride. A service for your mobility scooter should be carried out by a qualified professional as they will know how and where to check specific safety components.

General Checks

As well as having your mobility scooter serviced, you should carry out regular checks to ensure that the scooter’s lights, brakes and indicators are working. You should also check that the mobility scooter is free of any debris including sticks and stones if these get stuck in moving parts they can cause a lot of problems. Carrying out general checks will help with your mobility scooter maintenance and keep it safe for use outdoors. If you notice something wrong with your scooter you should get it checked by a professional immediately. 

It is well worth investing time and care into looking after your mobility scooter to prolong its life and increase its reliability. Follow our mobility scooter maintenance tips to ensure a safe and happy ride with less worry of the scooter breaking down while you are out.