Postural management is necessary for a large number of people that have trouble with their movement and posture. Being able to move freely and keep our bodies up against gravity using our muscles is not always possible, which is why postural care is necessary for so many.

Without treating the problems associated with bad posture, a range of both short and long-term problems can arise. Helping people with their ability to stand, sit and lie down without discomfort is so important, and can be achieved through 24-hour postural management. Here is Momentum’s guide to 24-hour postural management and the effects of bad posture, if left untreated.

Why is Posture so Important?

Having a good posture is extremely healthy and can improve the flow of blood through our bodies, as well as decreasing the likelihood of pain. A better posture also prevents the spine, bones and muscles from becoming damaged in the long term. Maintaining a good posture by sitting up straight with shoulders back while in a wheelchair is crucial and helps wheelchair users to move around comfortably, as well as reducing the risks of injury.

For those that spend their time lying down due to problems with mobility, it is also especially important to maintain a good posture and not sleep in a position that can cause the muscles and bones to deteriorate.

Postural management is key for those that are at risk of deformities and poor health without efficient postural care.

What is Postural Management?

Postural management supports people who cannot achieve good posture by themselves. Postural management includes the use of devices such as wheelchairs, modular sleep systems, car seats, walking devices, specialist beds, cushions and more.

Postural management is also the carers, healthcare professionals, physio, occupational therapists and anyone else that may need to come on board to help someone with the management of their posture.

Postural management aims to help individuals continue with day-to-day activities, prevent discomfort or pain, decrease the risk of long-term health problems and help with blood flow.

Postural management devices are tailored specifically to an individual’s needs; healthcare professionals can assess an individual’s posture on how they move around, and find out what the specific problems are causing the bad posture, providing a solution in the form of a carer, postural care device or both.

Why is 24-Hour Postural Care Important?

24-hour postural care ensures an individual with postural problems while lying down and sitting can be appropriately supported at all hours, including the nighttime. 24-hour postural care may be necessary for those that cannot support themselves or move alone and may be in discomfort without help at all times. 24-hour postural care is incredibly important for a number of reasons, as it:

  • Prevents individuals from slumping to one side and causing long-term damage in the shape of their body
  • Ensures appropriate alignment of the spine and muscles
  • Helps to provide a better quality of life
  • Prevents pain associated with poor posture, such as chronic back pain
  • Improves mental wellbeing and an individual’s ability to participate in activities with friends and family

24-hour postural management can provide a variety of benefits but is most important to prevent health from declining. Without 24-hour postural management, some may end up suffering both mentally and physically from permanent disfiguration, a lack of ability to join in with others in daily activities, discomfort in most, if not all positions, as well as an increase in dependence on others.


The Importance of Postural Management While Sleeping

Because so many spend such a large percentage of their time lying down and sleeping, postural management is especially important for the nighttime. For those that find it difficult to move around, one position which offers the most comfort is usually adopted, but this may be damaging to the spine and shape of the body.

Lying straight on the back allows gravity to keep the body evenly aligned and can take pressure off uncomfortable points in the body.

Postural management devices such as our modular sleep system will ensure that the position adopted while asleep is safe and will prevent further disfiguration of the spine and body.


Why 24-hour Postural Management is Important Momentum Healthcare

When Should 24-Hour Postural Management Begin?

The key to postural management is to start as early as symptoms of bad posture begin or trouble with moving against gravity. This can usually be spotted at an early age, within childhood, which is when the postural management should start.

The earlier the postural management begins, the better for the individual and their chances of living a fuller and healthier life.

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We understand how important 24-hour postural management is, which is why we take great pride and care in the equipment we provide to those in need. Browse our products online today and get in contact with us if you have any questions or queries!