As we get older, many of us begin to struggle with our mobility and may not be able to do the things we used to. However, this should not prevent you from being able to have fun and do the things that you enjoy. There are many activities that elderly people with limited mobility can take part in, whether they prefer doing things alone or with friends and family. 

No matter what your interests are, there is always something that you can enjoy taking part in; here are a few of the most popular activities for elderly people with limited mobility.

Which activities can I enjoy?

Every person is different, we all have different interests, hobbies and things we like and dislike. This means that one activity may be thoroughly enjoyable for one person, but boring for another. One of the best things an elderly person can do is to reflect on the activities they used to enjoy while in full health and with full mobility, and then try to figure out what it is about those activities that they enjoyed. Was it socialising with others? Being outdoors? Getting creative? Once you have figured out what it is exactly about the activities that you liked, you can find similar activities that include the same things except for requiring full mobility. In the present day, things are more disability-friendly than ever, so activities that require travel or getting out of the house can be achieved more easily. 

Which are the most popular activities for those with limited mobility?

There are a variety of fun activities that elderly people with limited mobility can take part in, whether they are creative or prefer problem-solving activities. A range of these hobbies can also be fun to do alone or with company.


Reading is not only great for our brains but can be thoroughly enjoyable too. There are so many books out there of different genres, fiction and non-fiction, so you will always be able to find an interesting book. Whether buying physical copies of books, reading on an iPad or another digital product like a kindle or kobo, or listening to audiobooks, there is an option for anyone with limited mobility. For those that struggle with hearing, a physical or digital copy of a book can be a great way to spend time, or for those that struggle with reading, an audiobook allows the story to be read aloud to you. 


Baking is an activity that can be great fun at any age, whether young or old. You may be an avid baker or have barely baked before in your life; either way, there are plenty of recipes online and in baking books that you can follow from the comfort of your own home. You could even get the grandchildren or family involved with baking and if you struggle to stand, it can be possible to prepare your bake from a seat or wheelchair. The fact you get to enjoy the delicious bake afterwards is a wonderful benefit from this fun activity!


Knitting is an enjoyable activity that can be done from the comfort of your sofa or wheelchair. If you have never knitted before but want to give it ago, there are guides available online so you can search for yourself or find out from a friend or family member. There may also be knitting or crotchet classes in your local area, so it is worth asking around if you would like some company while knitting.

Playing a musical instrument

A creative way to bring joy to your life; playing a musical instrument can not only boost your skillset and confidence but can also be very enjoyable. There are so many musical instruments to play, whether you have ever picked up an instrument before or not. You could even get a teacher to visit you and help you to learn an instrument if you would like to play something new. Instruments like the piano, guitar, ukulele, or clarinet are just some of the popular instruments you can play straight from a chair. 

Drawing, painting or colouring

Drawing, painting or colouring is a highly popular activity for the elderly with limited mobility as it is a creative thing to do straight from the comfort of your home. Why not order some painting supplies or ask a loved one to get you some colouring pencils to give it a try? You may want to draw and paint your own images, or could even invest in a drawing and painting book for some help with your art. Alternatively, there are many drawing and painting tutorials on YouTube if you like to use the internet. 

Creating family photo albums and scrapbooking

Another creative activity that is fun to do with family or alone is to create scrapbooks and family photo albums. This is a lovely activity to participate in now and then to reflect on the amazing memories you have had, and also create something that your family and friends can look through too. Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to look back on memories whilst also being creative with stickers, pens and pencils, and arts and crafts in general.

Playing electronic or board games

Board games and video games can be so fun that hours pass without you even realising! There are games you can get involved with as a single-player or with a group of family or friends. Why not try your hand at a game like Farmville, or play monopoly with friends? There are also a number of local clubs in areas, such as chess clubs, where you can get a little more competitive if that’s your thing! 


Just because you may have limited mobility doesn’t mean you can’t travel. Although travelling with limited mobility requires more planning it is more than possible. Want to visit a new place you have never seen before or travel somewhere to visit friends you haven’t seen in a long time? The world is now more disability-friendly than ever before, so you can ask for help with a wheelchair at airports, bus and train stations, shopping centres, and more.

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