New Scientific Research Outlines the Efficiency and Success of the Ride Design’s JAVA Cushions

New exciting research from scientists in Italy this year has outlined the success of the Java cushions in wheelchair users with spinal cord injuries. The 2021 article by Crivelli, Cafueri and Zucchiatti is a great addition to the research that supports the use of load-relieving cushions for the postural management of wheelchair users. It is especially important for those with limited mobility to implement a cushion and backrest that help to distribute pressure on bony areas of the body, particularly around the pelvis. The Ride Design Java cushion and backrest can do just that, the new research shows. 

What are pressure ulcers?

Pressure ulcers (PUs) are damage to the skin and tissue, caused by pressure from two surfaces excessively pushing on one part of the body. Those in wheelchairs are at particular risk of PUs because they will remain in one position for long periods of time. Pressure ulcers can lead to significant injury if not treated, including osteomyelitis (infection to the bone) and septic infection, which can have life-threatening consequences. 

How do load-relieving cushions such as the Java cushion work to prevent and treat ulcers?

Load-relieving cushions and backrests help to distribute the wheelchair user’s weight over a larger surface area, rather than pushing onto one singular area. They help to prevent a large force on the body in one area and therefore reduce the risk of pressure ulcers. The Java cushion and backrest can not only help to prevent PUs in wheelchair users, but treat patients suffering from stage I, II and III pressure lesions. The research proves the effectiveness of the cushion and backrest and highlights the short period of time that those with PUs can completely heal; within just 8 weeks!

What was the objective of the research carried out in Italy this year?

The objective of the 2021 study by Crivelli, Cafueri and Zucchiatti was to “measure the effectiveness of the JAVA off-loading trunk-pelvis posture system as an aid for healing of stage I-II-III pressure ulcers in hospitalised people with recent spinal cord injuries”. 

New Scientific Research Momentum Healthcare

How was the research carried out?

Crivelli and Cafueri, both with Masters in Rehabilitation Science and Occupational Therapy, and Zucchiatti, a Doctor in Orthopaedic Techniques enlisted 15 people who had been hospitalised with spinal cord injuries over 8 months in 2019. These participants ranged from 14 to 72 years of age, and all gave full consent to be involved in the trial. All of the participants had an existing pressure ulcer in stage I, II or III and a diagnosis of paraplegia or quadriplegia.

To assess the impact of pressure-relieving cushions on those with spinal cord injuries, a Novel Pliance technology system was used to quantify the pressure generated while sitting in the wheelchair. This advanced technology system is an internationally approved device for the research and publication of data due to its ability at measuring both static and dynamic pressure in wheelchairs. Additionally, EPUAP and PUSH TOOL 3.0 assessment scales were used to monitor the skin status of patients in the zone of pressure ulcers. Patients were monitored over 8 weeks with off-loading pressure systems from Ride Designs, including the JAVA cushion JAVA backrest with other appropriate accessories.

New Scientific Research Momentum Healthcare
New Scientific Research Momentum Healthcare

What was the outcome of the study?

After 8 weeks, the research showed that the pressure ulcers on all 15 patients had completely healed and did not return. The study highlighted that the JAVA cushion and backrest, used together, had the ability to positively help both posture and the distribution of weight to prevent and heal pressure ulcers. These types of load-relieving cushions have an ideal shape that can correct poor posture in wheelchair users and prevent ischial pressure lesions from forming altogether.

JAVA Pressure-Relieving Cushions and Backrests Available at Momentum Healthcare

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