Unwavering Mark shows what’s possible

Unwavering Mark shows whats possible

One of the most pioneering people we know is scientific explorer and innovator Mark Pollock, who we are delighted to number among our many satisfied GTM wheelchair users.

Mark has suffered much adversity in his life but his own personal drive, combined with a fantastic support network, has enabled him to accept life in a wheelchair as he explores the frontiers of scientific research into a cure.

Mark made medical history in 2015 by becoming the first paralysed person to move their legs voluntarily with the use of a robotic exoskeleton, combined with innovative electrical stimulation of the spinal cord, using a device being developed in ground-breaking work at UCLA in the United States. Meanwhile, he and the team at Mark Pollock Trust are the driving forces behind the annual ‘Run in the Dark’ 5k and 10k runs in Dublin, raising funds to help efforts to find a cure for paralysis and give hope to millions worldwide.

He is a fascinating motivational speaker and author of ‘Making It Happen’, while Mark and his fiancée Simone’s story is also told in the award winning documentary film ‘Unbreakable – The Mark Pollock Story’.

Mark continues to travel extensively and lead an active life, with his GTM wheelchair from Momentum Healthcare being ideally suited for his needs.

Its durability and strength is evidenced from how it has been in constant use since 2011, and it is especially suitable for his international travel thanks to its rigid frame stability, helping to protect it from being damaged by airlines while in transit.

Such an active lifestyle places heavy demands on his chair, but Mark knows he can always count on us at Momentum Healthcare for after-sales service and spare parts supply, as that’s something we pride ourselves on and which really sets us apart from other suppliers.

He says: “With the help of so many, I put my wheelchair through a lot! Taxis, trains and planes as well as beaches, the streets of cities and going backwards up steps mean I need things serviced and tweaked on the chair. And, when I do the team at Momentum will be there.”

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