Marathon Plus Evolution Black Tyres


  • Puncture-resistant. Keeps your mind at ease knowing this is the most puncture-resistant pneumatic tire available.
  • 5 mm thick SmartGuard layer provides protection against your worst fears like shards of glass and is also made from a proportion of recycled natural rubber.
  • Have peace of mind knowing your tyres last much longer before developing cracks thanks to the anti-aging sidewall. ­
  • The reflective sidewall provides visibility in darker conditions.
  • 24” x 1


We always keep the Marathon Plus Evolution in stock and guarantee no delays with shipping from our Kilkenny warehouse.  We stock the black evolution version, without the grey band, for a more sleek look. 

This is the most popular tyre for wheelchair users giving peace of mind with Schwalbe’s long-lasting quality and puncture resistance.  Made from a revised Endurance Compound, this tyre has a durable shelf life and will perform consistently for thousands of kilometres. Schwalbe’s Marathon Plus tyre contains their unique anti-aging technology to reinforce the sidewall, thus eradicating the nasty cracked sidewall formation.

Schwalbe’s puncture protection belt, does mean that they weigh in slightly heavier than tyres without such impressive puncture resistance. This minute weight-penalty is a price worth paying for how this tyre rolls as smoothly and lightly as other tyres of comparable thickness on the market, despite their lack of puncture protection belts.

Momentum Healthcare recommends you purchase quality schwalbe car valve  inner tubes with your Marathon Plus tyres.  We find that most clients inadvertently puncture their existing tubes when replacing their tyres.

Purchase Inner Tubes HERE


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