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Meyra iChair MC Basic Wheelchair

The Meyra iChair MC Basic is an agile power electric wheelchair suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

When used indoors, compact design with integrated anti-tilt wheels makes for ease of use in tight spaces. Outdoors, good rear wheel springs and rugged puncture-resistant tyres combine for manoeuvrability around and over obstacles, and ergonomic design allows the user to travel in comfort.

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Key features of Meyra iChair MC Basic wheelchair include:

  • Five speeds
  • Simple maintenance and easy servicing
  • Foldable backrest for transport

The Meyra iChair MC Basic is suitable for long-term all-day use, promoting independent mobility for working and active people who require a wheelchair for numerous different everyday situations.

Momentum Healthcare are exclusive distributors in Ireland of the Meyra iChair MC Basic and all other Meyra power electric wheelchairs.

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  • Seat width: 430-550
  • Seat depth: 400-530
  • Back rest height: 500
  • Shank length: 280-430
  • Arm support height: 240-350
  • Front seat height: 440-510
  • Length with footrests: 1,110
  • Width ready to go: max. 590
  • Height without headrest: max. 1010
  • Transport dim. Length: 840
  • Transport dim. height min.: 600
  • Rear wheel size: 320 x 60 (12,5 x 2,5)
  • Max. obstacle height: 60
  • Turning radius: 840
  • Empty transport weight: 81
  • Client weight max.: 120
  • Permitted overall weight: 220
  • Additional loading max.: 10
  • Driving speeds: 6
  • Motor performance: 2 x 180
  • Driving range max.: 280
  • Max. in km: 28
  • Permitted gradient: 15 %
  • Type of steering: indirect
  • Mechanical tilt-in-space: 0° to +10°
  • Back angle mechanical: -10° to +30°

Dimensions in mm, Weights in kg, Speed in km/h, Tolerance ± 10 mm

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