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Lifestand LSA Wheelchair

The manual Lifestand LSA from Permobil is designed with busy and sporty people in mind – as indicated by how the ‘A’ stands for active.

It is the lightest standing wheelchair available, and is delivered with seat and backrest pre-adjusted to the user’s weight and height, to ensure a perfect fit. A streamlined and harmonious design emphasises functionality and lightness, and it is easily disassembled for transport in vehicles.

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Lifestand LSA wheelchair key features include:

  • Provides better physical balance and psychological well-being
  • Reduces muscle contracture and spasticity
  • Allows better blood circulation

To stand up, the Lifestand LSA user simply grasps the handles and uses a similar movement to what they would use on the wheel rim for propulsion. This means that muscles which are already strong are doing the work, but with the added assistance of gas struts which are matched perfectly to the user’s weight.

Overall, the Lifestand LSA allows the user to stand with amazing ease and benefits.

Momentum Healthcare are exclusive distributors in Ireland for the Lifestand LSA and all other Lifestand wheelchairs.

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Lifestand LSA Permobil Wheelchair - Get Vertical

  • TOTAL WIDTH: 660 – 700 mm (3° camber) / 600 – 700 mm (0° camber)
  • TOTAL LENGTH (SEATED): 890 – 1010 mm
  • TOTAL LENGTH (STANDING): 930 – 1050 mm
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 510 mm
  • SEAT DEPTH: 430 – 530 mm
  • SEAT WIDTH: 360 / 380 / 400 / 420 / 440 / 460 mm
  • BACKREST HEIGHT: 320 – 460 mm
  • BACKREST ANGLE: Fully adjustable
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 15 kg

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